Kick-Off the Ranking of the Top 500

Iranian SMEs with German FHM and Guter Mittelstand Methods’’

On December 22. 2019, Yazd, Yazd province, Iran as project pilot and On December 18. 2019, Zahedan, Sistan-Baloochestan province, Iran separately

Dr. Abolfazl Kiani BAkhtiari, Managing Director at the Industrial Management Institute (IMI) and Prof. Dr. Hamid Doost Mohammadian, Director for International Management, Iran plenipotentiary representative and Consultant of CEO/President at German University of Applied Sciences (FHM) and President at FHM German Institute of SMEs for Iran (F-GISI) also senior project manager have travelled to IMI’s branches in Yazd and Sistan-Baloochestan and inked two contracts to kick-off the Ranking of the Top 500 Iranian SMEs with IMI, German FHM and Guter Mittelstand Methods project at IMI’s branch in Yazd, Yazd province as project pilot with IMI’s Yazd Branch CEO and board member, Dr. Mohammad Dianati and Zahedan, Sistan-Baloochestan province separately with IMI’s Sistan-Baloochestan Branch Chairman, Dr. Nourmohamad Yaghobi and IMI’s Sistan-Baloochestan Branch CEO and board member, Dr. Mosayeb Pahlavani.

IMI and FHM are going to establish a SME clinic to train, support and consult the Iranian SMEs to improve their situation in the national and international competition.

Launched under the patronage of IMI and FHM, "Ranking of the Top 500 Iranian SMEs’’ identifies the top performing SMEs in Iran to help groom them into bigger and more sustainable enterprises, and to support them in their growth into larger and internationally oriented companies. More than just a ranking, the objective of, ‘’Ranking of the Top 500 Iranian SMEs’’ is to inspire willing and able SMEs that have the potential to be world class enterprises, to invest in innovation and people, and to sustain growth. The ranking also serves as a tool for helping SMEs identify capability gaps for improvement

This is the primary added value of, ‘’Ranking of the Top 500 Iranian SMEs’’: the ultimate outcome is for Iran to have more growth-oriented, innovative, capable, and sustainable enterprises that can fly the Iran flag high.


 This report is a picture of the current business environment in Iran. One of the primary objectives of this project is to allow managers, policy makers, and researchers to attain a more accurate understanding of the financial-economic structure of all SMEs in Iran and also their scale of activity.

 This contract is made and entered into between Industrial Management Institute (IMI), Tehran, Iran and University of Applied Sciences - Fachhochschule des Mitelstands (FHM) and FHM German Institute of SME for Iran (F-GISI), Germany. The parties to this agreement indicate their willingness in principle to cooperate in the promotion of management consulting. 

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  تاریخ خبر : 8 دی 1398